A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You have created World Capsules. These small capsules contain a small world inside.

How to Play

  • Use your mouse to complete the events and prevent disaster in each world.
  • Each event is similar, but different in their ways.
  • The events will fail after a certain amount of time
  • Game over after losing 3 events
  • The game gets gradually harder with time, as well as unlocking new worlds which will provide a new set of events to deal with


  • This is my first LD game
  • Originally made with the intention of submitting as Compo (48h) for LD38, but this was clearly a case of chewing more than I could handle, and as such the game isn't exactly finished, there's a lot of content lacking and more in-depth game play could be made.
  • Overall I'm quite pleased with the amount of work that came out of it considering the time
  • The code base got quite bad during the second day as the pressure to finish it in time made me do quite a lot of bad code design.


  • Linux build is untested!
  • All code uses MIT license and all the other assets, with exception of the font, use CC-ShareALike license.


Windows (x86) 7 MB
Linux (x86) (NOT TESTED) 10 MB
Assets 344 kB