About the game

Lovely old lady Gertrude wants to help poor stray kittens by taking them into her house…
And she also loves to organize tea parties for all her friends!
BUT - too many kittens (while awesome) means that the house can rapidly become a mess! 
And Gertrude’s friends don’t want to stumble upon smelly cat poop while they’re drinking darjeeling tea and eating butter cookies. But fear not – if Gertrude acts quickly, she’ll be able to clean the annoying poop in no time!

The goal of Kittea Party is to find a happy balance where Gertrude has all the kittens she needs to throw a party (each new party requires more kittens than the previous), but still be able to maintain a relatively clean house. Successful (and poop-free) parties give Gertrude more prestige, which in turn means more friends!

How to Play

  • Choose between WASD movement or WASD relative to mouse.
  • Press E to clean poop
  • Random adoption popup will appear from time to time asking if you want to adopt a cat
  • You need a certain number of cats to host a tea party
  • If a guest steps on poop, they slips and leave the house and tells everyone what happened, leaving you with less prestige.
  • You lose if you reach negative prestige!
  • When the party comes to an end you earn 1 prestige for each guest that made it


  • There is no PAUSE menu. To leave the game while playing either lose or Alt+F4

Install instructions

Extract into a folder and run the executable


Kittea_Party_Win_x64.7z 10 MB
Kittea_Party_Linux_x64.7z 13 MB

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